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Tektronix's 5 Series B MSO
Configurable Operating System. Largest Display. Most Channels.

Built on the performance and integrity that engineers rely on with the original 5 Series MSO, the B version includes customer-centric updates led by a new auxiliary trigger input that lets users synchronize the oscilloscope to an external signal without consuming any of the 4, 6, or 8 full-capability input channels.
For the optional, built-in arbitrary/function generator, the maximum frequency output increases from 50 MHz to a best-in-class 100 MHz; enabling higher frequency stimulus for measurements such as Bode plots and impedance measurements. These new capabilities are invaluable for making fast, thorough checks of power integrity on power distribution networks.

  • Auxiliary trigger input lets you synch without consuming a full-capability input channel
  • 2x faster waveforms from the built-in function generator
  • Brighter display, 15.6" HD (1,920 x 1,080) with capacitive touch
  • History mode uses extended memory, allowing you to capture many trigger events, stop when you see something interesting, and quickly review
  • Processor makes controls even more responsive and will support additional analysis in the future
  • Solid State Drive system stores all user data on a removable drive for added security

Tektronix's 5 Series B MSO is one of the only oscilloscopes that operates as either a dedicated scope or open Windows. Each FlexChannel ® (scope inputs) can be configured as an analog input, a spectral view of the analog signal, or eight digital inputs. 5 Series B MSO is upgradeable to meet specific applications needs. Learn more about the 5 Series B MSO from technical documents and videos below: