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  1. Models:
     4 Ch, 200 MHz
     4 Ch, 350 MHz

     4 Ch, 500 MHz
     4 Ch, 1 GHz

     4 Ch, 1.5 GHz

     6 Ch, 200 MHz
     6 Ch, 350 MHz

     6 Ch, 500 MHz
     6 Ch, 1 GHz

     6 Ch, 1.5 GHz

  2. Notes:

Tektronix 4 Series MSO Bundle Offer
Get a Free Ultimate Software Bundle with the Purchase of a new 4 Series MSO

Now is a great time to upgrade your bench with a new versatile touchscreen oscilloscope that's ready for all your measurement needs. Purchase a new 4 Series MSO (4 channel or 6 channel model, any bandwidth) and receive a one-year subscription to our Ultimate Software Bundle for FREE, a savings of up to $5,670.

The Ultimate Software Bundle adds extreme versatility to the 4 Series MSO with:
  • Integrated arbitrary/function generator
  • Extended record length to 62.5 Mpoints
  • Decoding for over 25 serial bus protocols for interchip communications, sensors, power management, automotive and aerospace applications, including; 10/100BASE-T Ethernet, CAN FD, I2C, I3C, MIL-STD 1553, PMBus, RS-232, SPI, USB2, MDIO, and more.
  • Wideband spectrum analysis
  • RF vs time measurements
  • Mask and limit testing
  • Power measurements and analysis, including 3-phase
  • Double pulse testing

The Utlimate Software Bundle includes:
- Embedded serial decode/trigger and integrated AFG
- Extended record length to 62.5 million sample points per channel
- Plus all of the following options: